Property management
The company has property management department, to provide professional management services, in order to maintain the development and investment plan reputation and value.
The subordinate company each property manager in security and maintenance member under the assistance, the processing property of daily and long-term management.
Company and relevant government departments and each incorporated owners close cooperation, for its various main residential projects within the residents, provides the high quality management services

Project management
All company property development plan in professional project management team are held under the supervision, the group by architects, engineers and construction to material surveyor composition.
The team is responsible for supervision and coordination work, ensure that the outside consultants and contractors of property design and construction works are in line with budgets, and reaches to the highest standards.

The company subordinate's Marketing Department is responsible for handling the company most property leasing and sale work.
The department provide relevant property development design professional opinion, to ensure that the new development plan fit the current market demand, in addition the company provide relevant property services, such as tenancy approach, valuation, feasibility study and general property advisory services.

Aiming at the development of its in XX project create a "real intelligence type" household and office first, and XX property network is committed to become the first XX online real estate agency.
XX property network support company recently in XX and XX launched the traditional property advisory services. In addition to emphasis on the development of the company project, the website also provides sales and leasing agent service, at the same time will also owners, the tenant and the developer service.

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